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#1 Reason why used car dealers have better prices

#1 Reason used car dealers have one thing that large dealerships don’t.

#1 Reason why used-car dealers have better prices: nice reliable cars for reasonable deals. There are a few reasons why you should consider going with a local used-car dealer. The primary reasons most people go with used-car dealers is to save some money. Although, there’s a big difference between visiting a BMW dealership and going to a small used-car dealer. That difference can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Firstly, there remains more room available for natural haggling. A used-car dealer will work with you on a person-to-person level. This individualization accounts for all the things you are looking for in your next sweet ride.

Knowing the difference between the two

When you think about it you might ask where the difference might lie—both cars are used and same mileage, right? How could they still be drastically different prices (and the main factor is going to be overhead)? When a big BMW dealership might have over 100 employees, they are naturally going to have increased costs of labor. Thus resulting in higher prices across the board. When faced with the dilemma of pricing a car at a higher cost than its true worth. Larger companies pacify complaints with the reassurance that it’s quality of service you are paying for. When we all know that the payment for quality of service is embedded in commission. That’s another #1 Reason why used car dealers have better prices.

We can get you the exact car you want at an affordable price

Getting the exactly what you want is another #1 Reason why car dealers have better prices

Another great thing a used car dealership can do for you an exact car you want and keep you updated for when they see an opportunity to get you that car at auctions.  I good car dealer will help you find a car you want even if they do not have it on their lot and will keep in touch with you if you wish them to and that's another #1 Reason why used car dealers have better prices. 
#1 Reason used car dealers have great deals

Cost and Ownership is one of the #1 Reason why used car dealers have better prices

With some cases you can even buy your dream car with no financing. Since you don’t have to pay full price, you can afford to purchase it; Lets say you were looking for a 2012 Porsche Panamera S, brand-new. This vehicle is priced at around $100K, but today you can find one for under $32k. With a reasonable mileage and immaculate condition, the possibilities are more than feasible. Make your dreams a reality–work with your local used-car dealerships to take advantage of the gems that go overlooked. Full-price buyer bypass consultation, comparisons and independent research. Instead of driving payment to payment, own your own wheels and feel confident in your ride.

#1 Reason used car dealers have great deals
2012 Porsche Panamera S

Reducing registration fee’s is another #1 Reason why used car dealers are a better route .

Registration usually is based of a car’s transaction price. So If  you paid less for your car it usually is lower to register it in most states. Insurance looks at whether you’re  buying a new or used car and usually used cars are lower cost. Simple because of the price of the car not to mention other factors .

Now let’s talk about Warranty with used cars

This is a great option if you are looking for peace of mind and a price break. The next best reason why you should go down the used-car route is the deals you will find on warranty. For starters, you get to save some money for other upgrades depending on the ride you’re going with. You can also buy a used car with still-dealer warranty in place. This factor depends on the year of the vehicle. Most dealers have a 3 – 5 year or 50k miles warranty plan. This part of the deal is based mainly on the car you’re looking to buy.

Warranties go up to 100k miles in some cases. If you’re able to buy a used car, you can still have up to a year or two of warranty. The amount of miles on the vehicle when sold helps determine this. Finally, there are benefits to buying it with a year or more in-tact on the warranty. Some car companies will let you even still extend the warranty out more.

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