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Tesla's Model 3
Tesla's Model 3 A High Demand in an Expensive Market

Tesla’s Model 3 gives examples of many good reasons most people regard electric cars as an indulgence of the rich. First of all, they’re expensive, yet research shows that most car owners would prefer electric cars. This type of vehicle compares to those powered by internal-combustion engines (ICS). If electric cars were reasonably-priced and better able to make good-distance on a single charge, you would see more around. 

That has been a distant dream for Tesla fans for over a century. Although the dream’s reality grew closer in recent years, electric cars still fall short in many ways. In March 2016, however, the game changed when Tesla announced its $35,000 Model 3. If initial enthusiasm provides any indication of success, the Model 3 [...]

Why a used VW Passat should be your next car
Why a used VW Passat should be your next car … taking a closer look Why a used VW Passat should be your next car Why a used VW Passat should be your next car

Why a used VW Passat should be your next car chosen out of the increasing variety created by the growing used-car market becomes even clearer. First of all, the tough competition between sedans has always been met by this model. This model definitely achieves these high expectations. The overall reason for this remains the existence of a high-demand and has resulted in a top-of-the-market safety system—the Volkswagen Passat.

The Passat embodies the market’s need for safety and style. Additionally, this vehicle achieves 29 miles per gallon using combined fuel economy and standard 2.0 liter 4-cylinder. This set-up [...]

#1 Reason used car dealers have one thing that large dealerships don’t. Visit GMD MOTORS FOR QUALITY VEHICLES AT AFFORDABLE PRICING

#1 Reason why used-car dealers have better prices: nice reliable cars for reasonable deals. There are a few reasons why you should consider going with a local used-car dealer. The primary reasons most people go with used-car dealers is to save some money. Although, there’s a big difference between visiting a BMW dealership and going to a small used-car dealer. That difference can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Firstly, there remains more room available for natural haggling. A used-car dealer will work with you on a person-to-person level. This individualization accounts for all the things you are [...]

Why the VW TIGUAN Gmd motors - 2019 Tiguan 2.0T S 4MOTIONGmd motors – 2019 Tiguan 2.0T S 4MOTION

This is why the 2019 VW Tiguan is the Compact-SUV whose name draws on that of a TIGer and an iGUANa. Volkswagen’s  stunning all-wheel-drive system takes you on a ride of comfort and reliability. A luxurious interior provides ample space for the potential addition of a third row. Behind a powered trunk, there’s a great amount of room for the kids and their friends.

The Best Compact-SUV for Road Trips

         You roll overnight from the sunny side of Vegas to the eternally-frostbitten Spanish Peaks confidently with a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine. The eight-speed automatic VW transmission effortlessly keeps you headed exactly where you intend to go. The well-insulated cabin accounts for rain or shine. [...]

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